“Unidentified Edges”: Geoff Palmer

Thursday, 2 November, at 12:45pm, at the Salvation Army Citadel, Aberdeen

Sound Festival in collaboration with Aberdeen Art Gallery Lunchbreaks

A programme that is very special to me: Geoff Palmer’s new song cycle, “Unidentified Edges”, on poems by Anne Cluysenaar (for voice and cello, played by Claire Babington). Her texts evoke the ancient ideas of the Universal Music, using modern imagery from physics and astronomy, such as the Higgs boson and the Kepler space telescope. We pair them with a collection of John Dowland, including some of his most philosophical lute songs. To finish with “…into the world of light”, by Geoff on a text of 17th-century metaphysical poet Henry Vaughan, composed as an elegy to Anne Cluysenaar.

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