“La Naissance de la Musette”: Aberdeen Early Music Collective

Apparently, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s favourite instrument was the Musette, a gentle-sounding baroque bagpipe. As far as we can tell, however, our concert on Thursday, 28 September was the Musette’s first appearance in Aberdeen, in the hands (and under the arm) of Amanda Babington. The programme featured Michel Corrette’s cantata, “La Naissance de la Musette”, as well as Sonatas for musette (Senaillé), violin (Rebel), and cello (Boismortier), and finishing with a favourite cantata, “Pan et Sirinx” (Montéclair). Last time, we did this cantata with a (small) host of winds and strings and big bass; this time, just violin and continuo, but still an awesome cantata, despite the slightly disturbing message of the final aria!